Reunion 2001

Welcome to the House Fellow (and others) Reunion Page

On September 22 & 23, 2001, former House Fellows, staff, and their families enjoyed the Farmer's Market, Brittingham Park, and the Union Terrace. With very short notice, 37 people were able to join the festivities. They included the following 20 housing people and their families:

Robert Burck, Beth Fischer, Dave Friedman, Ann Huber (Wirth), Lee Killilea (Schedler), Jessie Lathrop, Ruth Liethen (Phillips), Steve Litzau, Mary Looze (Kennedy), Paul Michaletz, Randy Moore, Dan Skemp, Bari Solochek, Gary Vieaux, Bob Wade, Genece Wade, John Wirth, Al Yanny, Todd Young, and Paul Zima.

This page will be used for photos and information on future reunions. Check back for more photos as other people send me their snapshots. If you're looking for the contact information, it can now be found at

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Robert Burck, Dan Skemp, and Gary Vieaux.
Beth Fischer, Lee Killilea (Schedler), Jessie Latrop, and Ruth Liethen (Phillips).
Alex (Todd Young's son) and Sam (Jessie Lathrop's son).
Dan Skemp, Randy Moore (barely visible), Steve Litzau, Paul Zima, Matt Schedler (Lee Killilea's husband), and Paul Michaletz.
John Wirth and Genece Wade. (Chelsea, a friend of Genece's granddaughter Sydney, is in the background.)
Todd Young, John Wirth, and Bob Wade.
Beth Fischer, Matt Schedler, Ruth Liethen (Phillips), and Lee Killilea (Schedler).
Kate Young (Todd Young's wife), Mary Looze (Kennedy), and Katherine Kennedy.
Al Yanny, Robert Burck, Kristine Stampen (Robert's wife), Bari Solochek, and Danielle Vanderhoef (Al's wife). Robert's son, Anders, is in the stroller.