My work has occasionally allowed me to tap into what creative juices I can muster.  As much as techies don't admit it, deep inside it is nicer to work with something that looks nice, or feels more comfortable to use.

With due credit given to my colleagues for collaborating on improvements, the following stuff has a high enough percentage of my ideas for me to comfortably take credit as far as the functionality goes.

For the look-and-feel I have no accomplices to spread the blame/blessing.

Back to the Pond
  1. Since the original sites are dynamic web pages, the functionality is severely diminished by making them static demos.
  2. Since our corporate browser is Netscape, their design uses functionality unique to Navigator (e.g. layers).
Product Viewer
What Allow dynamic search and display of product information from Promis DB
brag-factor 66% of initial design, 90% of presentation design (and development)
my favorite part The first page, playing around with the scandinavian map, using layers so users could write intro about the links.
Promis Improver
What My reinvention of a request tracker system on the web.
Since it is internal-use, it is low on graphics, but still easy on the eye.
Why The project had no method of keeping track of the changes.
The existing tracker system killed the pc.
The users hated the multi-window gui.
brag-factor 90% conceptual design. 90-100% presentation design and dev. (Not including the DBA activities)
my favorite part No more 73 open windows per request.
It takes one day to revamp it for a totally different project
The code behind alternating row colors 
Project Registry
What A searchable database of all the projects in our department.
brag-factor 50% conceptual design, 100% presentation and database design and dev.
my favorite part Its ease of use, though design-wise it is a bit boring.


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