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I recently received a letter pleading for help finding a common word, other than angry and hungry, that ends in -gry.

Having family members who challenged me with riddles since I was first able to hear, I knew exactly what this desperate person was referring to. I've heard this riddle in a variety of forms, but the one that makes the most sense to me is:

Angry and hungry are two words that end in -gry.
There are three common words in the English language.
What is the third word? Everyone knows what it means, and if you've listened carefully, I've already provided the answer.

Since there aren't any other common words ending in -gry, it must be a trick question.

There are two plausible answers:

I think this riddle is brought to you by the same folks who go around saying stuff like, "I don't remember how to spell your name. How do you spell it?" Then after you tell them, they say, "No, stupid! The correct spelling is I-T!" This, of course, is followed by a big laugh.

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